FLOW is a new A++ class office space in the Central Business District (CBD) of Vilnius.

It is a space offering a unique atmosphere, where work is once again seen as an experience and where employee wellbeing, inspiration and ability to stay physically active are amongst key priorities.

Panoramic views over the Old Town of Vilnius and the River Neris boost motivation, while the pulse of the nearby Konstitucijos Avenue inspires to take on new challenges.

Working at FLOW means prestige and exclusivity.

Health and wellbeing

Staff morale, creative energy and the quality of their ideas and actions all depend on the spaces people are working in. This is why FLOW business centre focuses on enhancing staff wellbeing both during the working hours and when they are taking breaks. An on-site salt room offering music and light therapy will help look after employee health, while a massage room will provide a chance to relax and re-energise. A juice and healthy snack bar will further boost energy levels and strengthen immunity, while a drinking water station will help maintain general wellbeing.

Salt Room
Massage Room
Juice and Healthy Snacks Bar
Drinking Water Station

FLOW business centre is being constructed in line with the international sustainable building standard BREEAM, aiming to achieve an OUTSTANDING rating. Locally-produced building supplies, some made from recycled materials, were sourced in order to minimise pollution. Advanced engineering systems meeting the WELL standard have also been implemented, ensuring comfort, health and wellbeing as well as reduction of energy resources. The business centre will be powered by green energy sourced from an independent energy supplier.

A++ energy class
Waste recycling
Individual system of ventilation and humidity control
Environmentally-friendly LED lighting

FLOW business centre is located on 21A Lvovo Street in the biggest business district of Vilnius, which is spread around Konstitucijos Avenue. All amenities are within easy walking distance as the area is filled with hotels, restaurants, banks, parks, sports clubs, supermarkets, markets and schools.