UAB Eika is one of Lithuania’s biggest company groups operating in property development and construction. Providing modern and high-quality solutions to customers since 1992, the firm is successfully developing projects for residential, commercial, public buildings and other spaces. EIKA Group has so far built around 5,600 apartments with a total floor space of over 580,000m2. The company has received numerous awards as the best real estate developer in Lithuania. EIKA Group have successfully developed and are currently managing a multi-functional complex ”Live Square” (12,700m2), business centres “Eika” (15,000m2) and “135” (8,500m2), shopping centres “Pupa” (6,300m2) and “Smiltė” (5,000m2).

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Headed by architect Remigijus Bimba, UAB “Architektūros kūrybinė grupė” (AKG) creates intricate urban concepts, high-rises, multi-functional complexes, public and administrative buildings, multi-storey and private residential buildings, etc. The buildings designed by AKG represent the contemporary architecture of Vilnius, showcasing the city’s modern aesthetics.

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